November 4, 2020 Haiti

Update November 4, 2010


If you’ve been following the reports from the National Hurricane Center, you can see that throughout today, Tomas was a Tropical Storm, but it looks as if it could increase into a Hurricane overnight.  Even if it doesn’t hit Haiti directly, the outer band can potentially bring 5-15 inches of rain, rain that these people don’t need!  Flying debris causes even more danger.  During the 2008 hurricane, people were decapitated by sharp tin flying in the wind.

Today, everyone was scrambling to make last-minute preparations for this oncoming storm.  They are aware that their tents and other makeshift shelters won’t stand a chance!  Many have been evacuated, but many have nowhere to go

Billions of dollars were pledged to rebuild Haiti in January, yet hardly any of it has arrived to get this country back on its feet, so we are still in ‘survival mode’.  And now, this… 

I will do my best to keep you posted.  It’s raining now.  I want to get this out before we lose power and telephone communication.  Please pray for safety for these already-desperate people!    Tonight, our people are really strong and full of peace! 


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