November 7, 2011 Haiti

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November 2011

Dear Family,

As the season changes, we see even more new converts in the church!  They are excited to experience the power of God in their lives, bringing them into a deeper spiritual level with Him, their new Source of everything! 

Milend, a 21-year old woman, came to the service Sunday morning and was powerfully touched by the presence of God.  She gave her heart to Jesus and came to the New Believers class on Sunday night.  After the class, she told Pastor Terry she wouldn’t go home unless someone would go to her house with her to get rid of all her voodoo stuff, so we went, along with some of our leaders. 

When we began to pray for her, it was very apparent that the voodoo things were attachments in her life, so we immediately burned all the artifacts and prayed through her home.  As we prayed, demons threw her to the ground and her head literally bounced off the corner of a cement block.  When she got up, there was no bump, no blood and she was completely free from all demonic influence in her life.  Today, she comes to church with many from her neighborhood who are hearing the Gospel and seeing the power of God for the first time in their lives! 

Every week, many are transformed by the power of the Gospel, not only to save, but also to deliver from all bondage.  Some pastors in our area are now coming to our mid-week services, hearing what God is doing and hungering to see how they can experience that in their neighborhoods.  In our services, they are being taught by demonstration and their theology is being put to the test whether it is of God or men!  God is constantly opening new doors in our community to show Himself strong!

The church is taking on a new image as we prepare the people’s hearts and minds for a new Haiti!  The mindset is changing, gradually, that God is their Source and they must believe for the bigger things to come from God, and not from us.

Changes in government are coming to our city of Carrefour.  New mayors will be elected in the near future.  Pray for a righteous man to take his place in our city so we can continue to see God move here.  In the past, fighting government has been our #1 problem to progress because of greed and corruption.  The Mayor now in place is known as someone who has not misused his power, money or authority.  We have been able to progress with him in charge, and he has given us the key to the City!  We need this favor to continue to rebuild, so we can do what is right without wasting time fighting City Hall. 

In the national government, the old parliament is still in control, so even the new Prime Minister cannot do much because of the old regime in charge.  What we do, however, does not involve this government, but rather private funding for ministry among the people.  We want to be an example to the country of what Christians can produce, using Kingdom principles. 

We are meeting with engineers and architects, planning for a total re-make of Carrefour, including our church, housing, businesses and the mountain community. We are trusting God for great things and miracles to take place, both in finances and personnel, to get the job done with excellence.  Drawings will be completed this month so our people can see what is about to happen.  We believe 2012 to be the year we see our work of these nearly 30 years come to fruition! 

Christmas is just around the corner.  We are planning our Christmas outreach programs at the church.  We will continue to feed the hungry and those still displaced by the earthquake.  We still have over one million people living in tents in our City.  Many children still have not been able to return to school, so we will focus on school scholarships (up to $800 USD per student per year – entrance fee, books, uniforms, tuition, programs – very expensive for those who have nothing). 

Please consider an extra gift this season for food or schooling and mark it accordingly.  Thank you for your involvement in the past, which allowed us to reach many families who otherwise would have died.  

We are so grateful for your continued support of Light Ministries.  Expenses have increased and costs have nearly doubled again.  Without your continued monthly support, we would be forced to close our doors and leave Haiti.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary 

P.S.  Invasion’s influence continues to grow every day.  Through YouTube, today we are on every continent, in 99 countries of the world and in every state in the U.S.  City on our Knees is now over 10,000 views and continues to climb in numbers throughout each day.   We’re getting ready to travel with them…  That will be an eye-opener!

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