October 25, 2011 Haiti

Update October 25, 2011

We have been really busy with Kingdom business and God is doing incredible things!  I wanted to write a quick note to let you know there is another Invasion dance on YouTube, Mary Mary’s Something Bigger!  Pay attention to the message… There are already over 180 views and we haven’t even let anyone know.  This is a little more typical of their high-energy performances! 

You must remember that these guys don’t practice in front of a mirror to see what they are doing and, most of the time, they dance on ground that is not even level! They work together on choreography and every production is an “original”.  We are proud of them. Enjoy! 

Besides more dances by Invasion, you will soon see YouTube uploads with our drama team, Illumination, as well as LIGHTSounds, our worship team, interpretive dance teams and children’s ministry teams originating from Church of Light in Carrefour.

Here is the latest link:



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