October 28, 2010 Haiti

Update October 28, 2010

Here is the latest news on the cholera outbreak as I have it…

Haiti’s cholera toll rose today to above 300 as doctors sought desperately to contain the epidemic.  Hospitals have been overwhelmed with “beyond capacity” needs! 

One week after cholera was confirmed in Haiti, the death rate is slowing but almost 5,000 people have now been infected and officials warn it could be years before it is eradicated.

The World Health Organization warned the outbreak was far from over and Haiti should prepare for the disease to hit its capital Port-au-Prince, which is teeming with tent cities after January’s catastrophic earthquake.  Aid agencies fear cholera could spread like wildfire in such conditions.

We have been waiting for the shipment of water purification packets to arrive.  Tomorrow morning, we will pick up six pallets of Pur water paks.  This translates into 600,000 packets or 6,000,000 liters of pure water!   

Light Ministries has been asked to distribute these packets because they know the job will get done!  We will work very closely with Mayor Yvon Jerome to see that we get them to the most urgent areas. 

While waiting for the shipment to arrive yesterday, Terry took our son, JP , and a vanload of his friends, mostly new converts, to Kenscoff, a beautiful area in the mountains where the wealthy live and which was unaffected by the earthquake.  These young people had never been out of Carrefour’s rubble and came back so excited with vision of what Haiti will bea beautiful tropical paradise as it once was!

Sometimes it is necessary to crawl out of the dark, smelly pit we are in to be able to see the beauty of God’s bigger plan!  Sometimes what seems to be the smallest gesture becomes not just a little trip out for a bunch of youth, but a life-changing opportunity to come alive with vision and new purpose in their lives!   

Today, they were still thanking us for letting them get a glimpse of what we have been talking about! 


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