October 4, 2010 Haiti

Update October 4, 2010

Terry and I leave early tomorrow morning for Austria for two weeks of ministry.  Please pray for us that we would bring refreshing to the people and be refreshed ourselves!  It is a long flight and the time change is 6 hours.  Hopefully we won’t experience jet lag… We know God is orchestrating this trip back to Europe and expect Him to do great things.

I don’t know how full our daily schedule will be, but if I have time to send an update, I will post it online www.lightministriesinc.org.  In the meantime, here is the latest newsletter recapping this past month. 

Please remember to pray for us as well as the work in Haiti that we all move forward in the days ahead.

I love hearing from you and look forward to your updates as well



October 2010

Dear Family,

By the time you read this, we will be in Austria, ministering for two weeks.  We haven’t been in Europe for many years and when God said, ‘It’s time to return’ the pieces began to come together…    

Please pray for this trip that, everywhere we go, we will deliver His glory!  We will preach in at least four different locations while in Austria, starting and ending in Salzburg, and return home on October 19.  It has been many years since we have seen our ‘family’ in AustriaWe are all excited to be reunited!  The Austrians have been so generous to us over the years and especially after the earthquake.  They have some wonderful meetings and a benefit concert for Haiti set up for us!  We can’t wait to say ‘Thank You’ in person!  

Pray for our Haitian staff and our department leaders as they cover the church and host a construction team in our absence.  We must count on them more and more as we travel.  Pray that they are led by the Spirit of God in everything they do and say.  Oh, how we want to return to see growth in everyone!

When we realize what God has done since January, we see how, each day, He is showing us the way to rebuild Haiti, sorting out who is and who isn’t interested in the Haitian people.  It is really exciting to be led by the Spirit of God, for He makes it very clear when and where we should get involved and with whom. 

We met with the Prime Minister one day and left disappointed at his lack of concern for the Haitian people. If we want to do anything, we must do it on our own and at our expense.  His office has no plans for Carrefour except to build 300 ‘shacks’ when 500,000 people here are without housing…

We left his office and realized that, if anything is to get done in Carrefour, it will be done through Light Ministries and our contacts.  We know our God will help us accomplish what He put in our hearts many years ago.  This is the timeCity engineers and planners are now in line to come to our aid.  The Haitian government, as the world knows, is not cooperating in the rebuilding process and is not making any decisions until after November elections (and who knows how they will go!)   Foreign aid has been held up.  It’s disappointing, but we now know it is up to us to rebuild as we are able.  We cannot let people struggle like this any longer.

We recently met Andrew Gurrier, a young man from Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Andrew is a Haitian, born in the States, who uses sports as a platform for sharing Jesus with youth.  He knows God has called him to Haiti.  He fell in love with our church and we with him!  Actually, we are perfectly matched as we reach out to the youth in Carrefour! 

We are still trying to release the container of food and six small temporary houses.  The paperwork should be done this week!  Initially, we were told there were five houses.  When we looked inside, we found six!  God is so good and we are grateful!  The builder, himself, will come to construct them on the property next to the church!

We are still experiencing aftershocks!  Last Friday, while at the port, working on the container, we saw a tornado touch down in Port-au-Prince.  About a dozen people died and several were injured. There were trees and branches down in our area as well.  God protected us once again!

On a recent Sunday as Cary was getting ready for church, the Holy Spirit whispered to her,  “Take your mountain!”  She has often said, “I want the whole mountain!”  This week we had good news… More land on our mountain has become available!  The owners are ready to sell but want $65,000 USD per carreau (3.19 acre).  We need to negotiate a better price.  We need every carreau we can find to build City of Light, a city on a hill that cannot be hid!  The price must be reasonable for both buyer and seller!

Yesterday, Terry talked with an officer of New York University who was visiting Haiti.  After visiting for a few hours, they went to the mountain land.  They are very interested in drawing up plans for building the city! 

Pray for wisdom that we would build what God wants to build!  “…unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain…”  It must be HIS plan, not ours.  Now is the time to wait upon Him!  We cannot get ahead of Him, nor lag behind if we are to do what He says in the way He wants.  Pray for God’s timing.  He sees the whole picture!   Pray for wisdom and discerning of spirits as we meet those capable of helping us rebuild. 

Sometimes, we are so busy helping the Haitians, who are still in ‘survival mode’, that it is impossible to find a minute to write a personal note.  We want you to know your gifts do not go unnoticed and we really appreciate everything you are doing on behalf of the Haitian people.  He says that ‘when you do it unto the least of them, you have done it unto Me!’ and He says ‘Those who give to the poor will never lack!’  That’s HIS Word!  God is pleased with your sacrificial giving.  It’s been a joy for us to see the Body of Christ work together to help those in need… not caring who gets the credit!

Please continue to stand with us in prayer that God’s plan will be accomplished and that the nation of Haiti will shine as a light to the nations of the world because Jesus is lifted up in the land!

Love from the frontlines,

Terry and Cary 

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