September 19, 2010 Haiti

Update September 19, 2010

So much has happened since I last had a chance to write.

We met with a team for setting up the trailer camps and really found favor.  It is now up to them to decide what can be done to get them to Haiti.  While they were here, we met with Haiti’s Prime Minister and, to our surprise, found no support whatsoever for temporary housing, including the trailers.  If we want to do anything, we must do it on our own and at our expense.  His office has no plans for Carrefour except to build 300 ‘shacks’ when 500,000 people here are without housing… 

We left his office and realized that, if anything was to get done in Carrefour, it would be done through Light Ministries and our contacts.  We know our God will help us accomplish what He put in our hearts many years ago.  This is the time!  City engineers and planners are now in line to come to our aid.  The Haitian government, as the world knows, is not cooperating in the rebuilding process and is not making any decisions until after elections in November (and who knows how they will go!)   It’s disappointing, but we now know it is up to us to rebuild as we are able.  We cannot let people struggle like this any longer.

Andrew Guerrier from FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) came to visit us this week.  He is a Haitian, born in the States.  Andrew works with sports teams and delivers the Gospel through many means during half-time and through sports programs.  He knows God has called him back to HaitiHe fell in love with our church and we with him!  Actually, we are a perfect match for each other, reaching out to the youth in Carrefour! 

Together, we met with Haiti Recovery Initiative who funds short-term projects and the Program Development Officer was very interested in a sports program for this area.  Pray that she will write a program such as this to be funded through her office!  Our departments of drama and dance will team up with FCA to see thousands of young people won to Jesus Christ!   Andrew will return again soon with his wife to take the next step toward serving in Haiti with FCA, the first overseas team with this ministry.  God is up to something and we are right in the middle of it! 

Our greatest need is still prayer and money.  It is exhausting trying to get things moving here and fighting the Haitian system at every step!  It is also expensive.  Income has been low this summer.  Those coming to visit are shocked at the inflated cost on every item here!  We are cutting costs wherever we can.  Tomorrow, we are forced to change our provider for internet service.  Our current one is not efficient for the $750 per month we pay. 

Continue to pray that we don’t have to leave Haiti to raise support.  We have neither the time nor the money to do so.   You have been so faithful and we are so grateful! 



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