September 27, 2010 Haiti

Update September 27, 2010

We’re back online!  Our former internet provider said it was impossible to be able to get high-speed service for less money than he was charging.  I’m happy to report we’re functioning better than ever before and for l/10 of the cost!  Hallelujah! 

We are still trying to release the container of food and six houses.  Initially, we were told there were five houses.  When we looked inside, we found six!  God is so good and we are so grateful!  The builder, himself, will come to construct them on the property next to the church!

We are still experiencing aftershocks!  Then, on Friday, while at the port, working on the container, we saw a tornado touch down in Port-au-Prince.  We heard at least five people died.  There were trees and branches down in our area as well.  God protected us once again!

Terry flew out this weekend for a Missions conference with Pastor Gary Beesley of Evangel Temple in Toronto, Canada.  Pastor Beesley came to Haiti in March (Many of you saw him on YouTube).  He wanted to expose his congregation to Haiti.  Last night, Terry preached and ministered to the people by the Spirit.  Whether in Haiti or in Canada, God’s greatest desire is to minister to His people! 

Terry will be back in Church of Light in Carrefour this weekend, then meet me in Orlando to pack up and fly to Austria to visit our supporting churches.  There are special concerts and meetings planned for Light Ministries in Haiti in the two weeks there.  We haven’t been in Europe for several years, and this was on our agenda for a long time. 

Please pray for us.  It is very difficult for us to leave, however, we must not only maintain the work on the field, but visit our supporters and also raise new funds to be able to continue this enormous task.  God is enabling us to remain strong even when we don’t think we can continue this pace!  He is Faithful!

We are blessed to have raised up Haitians to handle things in our absence.  Pray for Olrich and Cinera and our department leaders as they cover the church and host a construction team in our absence.

God continues to grow His church – numerically and spiritually.  It’s His work and as we connect with Him, we give Him total freedom to do what He wants!

Thanks for your encouragement in standing with us financially and in prayer.  We need you!




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