September 8, 2010 Haiti

Update September 8, 2010

I didn’t forget you… We hardly have time to catch our breath these days. 

Please continue to pray.  The wisdom, energy and financial obligations necessary to rebuild are enormous!  As we, together, seek Him for His priorities and do what we can, we are confident we will see God’s Plan for a new Haiti come to pass!

Thanks again for holding up our hands!  We honestly couldn’t continue without you.


P.S.  Attached is our latest newsletter.  Enjoy catching up…


September 2010

Dear Family,

Where did the summer go?  Every day is so full; one day runs into another with, seemingly, no break!  We honestly couldn’t make it without you… You are helping to sustain us as we rebuild a nation in ruins! 

We signed the final Deed for the first 3.19 acres of mountain land and now wait for the Deed Transfer process to be completed, although we can begin work on the land.  We met with the President of the Architectural Association from the States, along with our Mayor, laying out Carrefour and City of Light.  We are making steady progress! 

The massive gates on the property next to the church are now up, giving us added security. We are leveling the land so we can plumb for toilets and pave it before erecting the large tent for overflow and children’s ministry.  We continue to trust God for finances to fix the church roof, electrical, ceiling and floor tile.  We have been enduring up to 130-degree temperatures inside this tin-roofed building, awaiting the air conditioning.  We must follow a definite order in repairing this structure so we don’t have problems in the future.

Teams continue to come to help. In August, eye doctors helped connect us with the Ophthalmology Association to give us their support to operate a full-service eye clinic in Carrefour!  We have been promised state-of-the-art equipment for exams, lens-grinding and manufacturing lab, as well as a retail eye care center!  Not only will many people be able to see, many will also be trained for full-time jobs! 

Housing is still our Number One challenge.  It is hurricane season and hundreds of thousands are still in tents or on the streets, trying to survive in the wind and downpours!  Our youth team, trained to put up the 12×12 houses Samaritan’s Purse has supplied, has erected over 100 houses. 

This week, we are meeting with the Prime Minister, along with representatives from a corporation desiring to bring 10 self-contained 300-person trailer camps to Haiti.  We are being considered for three of these camps!  One camp includes:  Three 96-person dormitories, a 12-person sleeper, male and female showers/toilets/laundry facilities, a 132-seat diner with commercial kitchen, along with generator, water tanks, fuel tank… move-in ready!  Each camp set-up is worth over two million dollars!  

On this site, we could have not only living space, but ministry and trade school, clinics and small businesses, all serving to be a totally self-sustaining village.  This would enable hundreds of people to have a place to live, be schooled and work a job, all at the same time.   The plan is done; we just need to find favor and work out details for putting it in place! 

Another opportunity dropped in our laps… A church in Wisconsin sent a container to Haiti filled with five 360-sq-ft solid houses, along with non-perishable food.  This container was held up in customs for a $17,000 fee, but had been negotiated down to $6,000.  The camp they sent it to no longer existed, so they contacted us and said if we could pay the $6,000, we could have it!  Cary put an update on our website and, overnight, we had $6,000 (Thank you!) and are now in the process of clearing this 40’ container that we didn’t even look for…    

Now, we are working with the housing developer who sent these termite-proof, hurricane and earthquake-proof houses to Haiti!  When the shipment is cleared, he will come to build them as a model for us, to establish villages of these small cottages. 

Church of Light continues to blossom as we move into another level of power and authority, experiencing miracles and deliverance in every service!  Twelve more received Jesus Christ on Sunday morning   Here is another recent victory: 

For a long time, Louise Angela had severe stomach pain.  Her belly was so large; it looked as though she was pregnant!  She had spent all her money on doctors, even specialists from Haiti, the U.S. and Canada, but no one could find anything wrong.  She was scheduled for exploratory surgery to find out what was wrong. 

Louise lived in the area where many voodoo people have recently been saved.  These new converts insisted she come to the church for prayer.  She agreed to come on Sunday morning.  During the service, Terry had a word of knowledge for someone with her exact problem, and, as the Holy Spirit instructed, she placed her hands on her belly.  As she did, she felt the power of God go through her.  When she returned home, she vomited a whole tub of blood and other matter, until her stomach was flat, and she was completely whole! She came back to church on Wednesday night and, sobbing, she shared her testimony.  She said she had come to be converted!  Right then, she was born again! 

Today, we are distributing 100,000 meals – vitamin-packed, high-protein meals shipped to us from Friends and Family, San Diego, CA.  Our new converts are helping distribute the food packets to the most needy from our church and neighborhood.  We saw tears this morning in the eyes of the elderly who have been left to fend for themselves. 

We give food to those who are so desperate, not just physically, but spiritually.  Our teams pray for their needs, encourage them and invite them to church, where they give their lives to Jesus!  Now they know He is real because He met their need! 

There is so much yet to be done but, in rebuilding this nation, we must never lose sight of our purpose in coming to Haiti… to teach and to train the Haitian people in God’s Word. Only then will they have everything they need for life and godliness. 

Thank you for believing in us, for allowing us to represent you in rebuilding a new Haiti.   Please pray that we will continue to experience His joy, for we know that the joy of the Lord is our strength!  Thanks for holding our hands up! We need you and appreciate your support more than you know.

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary


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