January 27, 2010 Haiti

Update January 27, 2010

Our greatest daily need still is to find water, food, fuel, medical and housing. God is SO faithful! Today we learned there are 200 (8×10) tents coming to us from the church in Singapore for our first ‘Tent City’. Thank you for praying for housing!!! Tomorrow, we will tackle the difficult challenge of finding land, figure out how to clear it, then where to find concrete to pour a large slab, hook up water and toilets, etc… Not a small task!

We got another 10 drums of gas FREE from the military base! Such favor we are finding! We pray this will be ongoing so we can check this burden off our list! We want to put our money into the people, helping them recover and reach their destiny.

The teams are great! Each is unique and tackles this challenge from a different perspective. They are finding favor with so many individuals and organizations now on the ground. God is filling us up! One team doesn’t even know what the other is discovering because each one is so busy.

More food is coming our way and we are loading it up in dump trucks, pickups, whatever we can find and delivering it to hungry people. Today, the medical team saw 433 patients in the clinic! We now have 22 doctors at our place. Tomorrow, one team leaves and another comes! It’s unbelievable to see!

The first construction teams are preparing to come soon to see what is priority. Men in the office are working on logistics. This operation will run smoothly soon… so many things to think of at one time! Pray for Terry.

The four trucks, carrying two large tents, are scheduled to arrive next week! Land is being cleared next to the church and teams are ready to set up the tents – one for medical and one for a command center and church operations. The whole Body of Christ is coming together to build His Kingdom! Every day, people are receiving Jesus into their lives too!

From emails today: “I think that this is part of the great beauty of the body of Christ! That in the midst of hardship and suffering we draw together and be of one heart, a single mind, and motivated by the same Spirit, to call forth what is not as though it were!!! May this devastated country be rebuilt by joint human effort, and reborn by the Spirit of God…to become a testimony of God’s faithfulness!!!”

From a medical team member: “We are working in Leogane today. We set up a clinic next to a church that was totalled. Great day! We were going down to the city and stopped by a small clinic to see if they needed anything. They had a 10-year-old girl who had a serious head injury and was beyond their level of care. We took her and found a Canadian hospital that was not too far away and they had a plastic surgeon. This is very much a God led trip. Many, many people are being led to Christ through our team being here. Many, many unbelievable stories that all are centered around Christ. I had to remove stitches from a little girl’s head today. This was very difficult due to how the stitches were put in and she was scared. I took her picture at the end and gave her some raspberry jelly. She smiled. If I left today, I would have hours of stories.”

This is Kingdom Living!!!

Next, we need to find big equipment for roads and construction that must come into the country before building can begin: Dump trucks, bulldozers, front-end loaders, bobcats, school buses and vans, concrete crushers and concrete mixers. Now is the time to ship these heavy things in while customs charge is lifted! Pray for connections and BIG money. We have many skilled volunteers to do the job, but we need the equipment! There is so little to work with.

We learned there is a Senator and a Congressman coming tomorrow with a FOX NEWS crew to see what we are doing. We pray they do come.

The Haitians living in our yard are starting to get on each other’s nerves, bickering and complaining. (I’m surprised it has taken this long for that to happen!) Last night, Terry told them they were getting lazy and if they didn’t start praying together, singing together, instead of arguing, he would put them out on the street for three days so they could see how blessed they are! He said, ‘If I don’t see you ‘pulling up’, you’re going out!’ This morning, he told me he woke up to singing!!! I really laughed because I know our people. They know better, but sometimes they just need a little ‘slap’ from Pastor.

I rest in the fact that He will uphold all of us with His victorious right hand! Isa. 41:10


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