January 29, 2010 Haiti

Update January 29, 2010

Terry went to St. Marc today to prepare for the delivery of our trucks at their docks on February 10.  He and his team met with a Deputy of the President who has promised to help get the trucks out.  On the way home, they found where to get cement directly from the factory… another answer to prayer!  You are really touching heaven! 

Clinics are continuing to go well.  We are blessed to have a steady flow of medical people.  Pray for these doctors, nurses and medical aids.  They have a huge job.  There is still unbelievable need for health care. The greatest thing is they are faithfully sharing Jesus with the people they treat every day! 

A Media Production team from Minneapolis has been in Carrefour.  Pray for them as they put together a television presentation to raise money for Light Ministries.  Also, NBC did a telephone interview with Terry tonight and will come, perhaps tomorrow, to do a live interview.  These interviews are so vital to keep Haiti before the nations.  There is much negative coverage and the world needs to know someone is here, living in the land, who can be trusted to see that all goes well.  

I am beginning to catch up a little in the office in Orlando.  Today, our special friends, Anton and Rene were in town from Louisiana and took me to lunch…  I have not been out since this started; I have not even been able to leave my desk!  What a treat to share all the good things of God together! 

After lunch, I had to go to the bank.  I had an opportunity to share with the workers in the bank what is happening in Light Ministries.  They couldn’t believe the miracles we have seen!  They were shocked that I was so ‘up’ in the middle of this.  God is keeping me up because I only have time for Him!  He is sharing His secrets with me the whole time I am at the computer and phones! 

When I came out of the bank, there were two Haitians.  I greeted them in Creole and proceeded to tell them, ‘Please, don’t be discouraged; be encouraged:  God is about to do something BIG for Haiti!  Their faces lifted and one of them said, ‘I thought so, too, but everybody says Haiti is finished!’  I said ‘It’s not true. God is not finished with Haiti!  I have carried God’s vision for this country in my heart for over 20 years and I know it is now time to see it happen.  We have been preparing for a new Haiti for a long time! So, don’t be discouraged; be encouraged! God has a plan.  We are going to see it happen!’  When I left, they hugged me and one said ‘God sent you here!  Now, I am so happy!  I can see God is going to do something BIG for Haiti!’ 

It is so much fun to be led by the Spirit!  I can’t be in Haiti right now, but God brings Haiti to me!

This is a huge undertaking, but we know He is well able to perform that which He has spoken to us!  We need wisdom in every move we make.  Keep praying!



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