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Here’s the latest from Carrefour…  Thanks for standing with us.  We need you!


August-September 2012

Dear Family,

It’s hard to believe the summer is ended! Hopefully, it allowed you time to reflect on the goodness of God and to prepare for a new day that’s dawning!  

As the world suffers in desperate need and uncertainty, God is preparing an army of men, women and children who will be ready for harvest and blessing to come.  In dryness, we are drawn closer to Him and find our true relationship with Him, realizing who we would be without Him.

We all have had opportunity to fail, but remember ‘for us to fail is for God to fail’ and He never fails!  So, hang tough and rest in Him.  You are not forgotten, only being tested for a great future…to be a ‘praise’ in the earth!  

Church of Light is strong spiritually!  Great love and unity have brought the people to care for each other. New converts classes are full of hungry new believers with open hearts to learn God’s Word and serve Him! 

In July, Cary produced another beautiful, anointed wedding that honored God. Peterson and Nathalie were saved in our church and wanted to exchange their marriage vows soon after their conversion.  In a country where few understand God’s plan for marriage, those attending learned much and experienced the presence of God like they had never felt before! 

The last week of August left countless people homeless after Hurricane Isaac ripped through Haiti.  Our church and house were again untouched, but those under tin roofs and walls of tarp didn’t fare so well.  Many watched as the waters rose and swept the last of what they had accumulated since the earthquake out to sea.  Church members helped each other and shared what little they had.  The young men from Invasion helped to dig out, repair and rebuild some of the older members’ homes.

Truthfully, this kind of devastation is draining all of us and, without adequate financial backing, it is emotionally draining to not be able to help those who are in desperate need. Our contributions were 80% less this summer.  We have plenty of manpower, but lack money for materials and food.  Our greatest need today is to help repair some of their little shacks and find dry ground to re-settle others.    

We are very aware that many of you also have great need… We pray for the sustaining power of God to bring to you your miracle now!  We know we are in the path of a financial breakthrough.  You need it, Haiti needs it; the whole world needs it.  It’s time! 

We are so grateful for your prayers and sacrificial giving this month to see us through yet another emergency situation.

On the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

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