January 26, 2010 Haiti

Update January 26, 2010

I’m really excited to see how the Body of Christ is coming together to help Haiti.  Four trucks are being prepared to ship the first of next week. When they arrive in Orlando, they will be in perfect running order!  We will fill them completely with supplies and tools necessary to continue the work in Carrefour.  

Thank you for praying!!!   Already an answer has come… The shipping company told us that customs is FREE for vehicles and supplies coming in for this emergency. 

These churches throughout the country not only located the trucks, but are paying for them, preparing them for shipping,  paying to get them to Orlando and paying to get them on the ship!  Each truck will have a ‘maintenance kit’ included (tools, filters, etc) to keep it going, so Terry doesn’t have to think about anything!  God is SO good!  He is taking the load off Terry so he can just minister to the people.  

We are so blessed with the teams God is sending:  medical, maintenance, media, and construction.  Soon, we should be efficient in distributing food and necessary supplies so we can rebuild walls and lives! 

Tonight, Terry returned from the Santo Domingo with more visitors!  It’s a lot of work as teams and Haitian staff learn to work together for one purpose!  Our people are tired.  They haven’t slept well since the earthquake!  Please pray for them. 

LouLou answered the office phone today.  She was our first cook and worked with us for 15 years, then left to raise her three girls.  For many years, we rarely saw her.  One day, I called her and said ‘LouLou, Pastor Terry needs some bonbon’ (cookies)! She came over and baked a batch of oatmeal, then chocolate chip cookies.  She never forgot a recipe! 

My LouLou is back!  Today she is teaching our cook, Cebo (who was our car mechanic), what I taught her, and Cebo is teaching LouLou what Terry taught him!   She is the only Haitian who really knows me!  She can walk into the house, see what I am doing and jump in to help without asking a question!  Now, younger women from the church have been coming to learn what she knows.  This week, each of them has served as cook, house cleaner, receptionist and whatever else is required.  It’s beautiful to see!

This was His plan all along…for this day when we would need all those whom we have taught and trained for years!

Continue to pray!  There are so many angles to work on at the same time to rebuild a city, then a nation!  God is answering your prayers as soon as you pray.  Focus on fuel and housing next.  

I want to share something I received today.  May it be a prayer of thanksgiving from your heart.

Lord, I just want to say THANK YOU, because this morning I woke up and knew where my children were. Because this morning my home was still standing, because this morning I am not crying because my husband, my child, my brother or sister needs to be buried, after being brought out from underneath a pile of concrete, because this morning I was able to drink a glass of water, because this morning I was able to turn on the light, because this morning I was able to take a shower, because this morning I was not planning a funeral, but most of all I thank you this morning because I still have life and a voice to cry out for the people of Haiti.

Lord I cry out to you, the One that makes the impossible, possible, the One that turns darkness into light; I cry out that You give those mothers strength, that you give them peace that surpasses all understanding, that You may open the streets so that help can come, that you may provide doctors, nurses, food, water, and all that they need in a blink of an eye. For all those that have lost family members, give them peace, give them hope, give them courage to continue, to go on!

Protect the children and shield them with your power.  I pray all this in the Name of Jesus!!!

To all my friends please continue to forward this so that we can pray together for the people in Haiti.  We here are truly blessed!!!!!

Thanks again for praying.  We NEED you!



January 25, 2010 Haiti

Update January 25, 2010

We are getting ready to re-build Haiti…

Pastor Joe Warner was so excited this morning as he told me that, by this weekend, his goal is have more trucks ready to ship.  The vehicles we now need to transport people, food and supplies is amazing.  Trucks on their way to Light Ministries, Inc have grown to FOUR – a dump truck, a flatbed and 2 pickups!  Can you believe it?  We must find the best port and a way to ship them so they arrive in Haiti soon.  It’s the shipping cost that usually ‘kills’ us, so pray today we find the right source. 

Remember if you have vehicles, supplies or teams that you need to get to us, coordinate them with Joe Warner, Pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Orlando, FL. Phone #407-353-7746.   No one can do this like Pastor Joe!

Terry and Cinera did some necessary shopping today in Santo Domingo while waiting for Benjamin, our Emergency Management Man, to arrive.  JP slept most of the day!!!  I’m so grateful!  I know my son, and I know he will push until he drops.  I praise God he had an opportunity to get away with his Dad so he could catch up!  I wonder if he will be more willing to go back into the house to his own bed when he gets back!   This has been a very stressful time for those who endured the earthquake and continue to endure the aftershocks.  The body cannot rest well.

The Media Production team from Minneapolis was to arrive tonight also, but got stuck in a snowstorm in Newark, NJ and didn’t make it; now they will have to hook up with the next medical team (10-11 people) who will take a bus into Haiti.  It’s exhausting going back and forth and coordinating all these teams, but what a joy it is to have them to meet the medical needs of thousands of people in our city.  As soon as this team leaves, we will have three more medical teams and one building team  who will begin building the walls.  Pray the airport in Port-au-Prince opens soon!

Olrich thinks they saved a girl today who was trapped under the rubble!  She was brought to the clinic at our church (Church of Light).  They tried to evacuate her to the boat hospital, but she was too bad; she would have to go to General Hospital.  With three cars, the US Military escorted her to the hospital, where they were met by doctors, waiting at the front gate.  I don’t think this has ever happened in the history of Haiti!  We believe they saved her life.  I love when the American military is on the ground.  There is order and a sense of purpose that permeates throughout the land.  Pray for our soldiers there.  It’s not easy!

It’s so wonderful for me to see God’s hand at work in all that is going on in this often-forgotten country.  Oh, how He loves the Haitian people and is proving it through you!  Thanks for your encouragement; thanks for spreading the good report of what is happening in Light Ministries, and thanks for all your prayer and financial support!  We are in the greatest move of the Spirit of God this nation has ever known!  Thanks for being on our team…Terry and I NEED you.


January 24, 2010 Haiti

Update January 24, 2010

What a day to rejoice today!  The yard was FULL this morning for Sunday service.  The people really entered into praise and worship!  It was powerful.  Pastor Terry prayed for many, many individuals and most came to get rid of fear and oppression.  They got free!

Firefighters for Christ showed up.  They are staying at Olrich’s house.  They already began breaking down the wall and putting up plywood in preparation for rebuilding.  Teams are also waiting to come and help rebuild the wall all around the property.  It will cost $8000 USD to finish one side. 

Today, we found 2500 bags of food, with a promise to receive 2 tons every two weeks, I think from USAID.  We have people helping us that just get the job done, connecting people with need.  It’s the most amazing operation we have ever experienced.  GOD is so GOOD! 

This food will not only help our church, but several other pastors from Carrefour to Leogane, whom we know personally, with rice, beans, oil etc.  Now, you can understand why we needed to find trucks!  There will be much travel to distribute food.  Begin to pray right now that it will be safe to deliver the goods as it arrives. 

Our son, Aaron, is coming to Orlando Tuesday and hopefully will bring me the three CDs full of photos. Give me some time and I will get them out to you.  I really can’t wait to see what photos the teams are capturing.  Our own staff is so busy, they don’t have much  time to take photos.

This afternoon, I met with the Emergency Management guy, Benjamin Korson.  Wow!  I thought he was already part of us.  We had a great time sharing.  He is a Spirit-led believer with a plan for bringing order.  His job will be to get everyone organized and in position to take the load off Terry so he can concentrate on ministering to our people.  I know He is going to be blessed how our people have pulled up and are getting the job done!  Oh, the years of pouring into them is paying off!  

Benjamin flies to the DR tomorrow where Terry, Cinera and JP will meet him; then another team coming to film and to put together a plan for soon-coming work teams from the Minneapolis area, will also arrive.  Together, they will return to Haiti on Tuesday.  I pray Terry, Cinera and JP can get a little sleep while waiting for team members, but I know they also need to shop for supplies and food. 

When Benjamin left today, I cried.  I want to be with our people so badly.  But, for now, I know I’m more needed here.

In spite of the obstacles we face each day, I rejoice because God is bringing a huge team together, from every background, from everywhere, to help restore people’s lives.  To be in the center of seeing His hand at work is pure joy!!!


January 23, 2010 Haiti

Update January 23, 2010


Just a few things today to share:


The markets on the street are slowly opening up, but there is no rice!  Please pray that we can make contact with the proper agencies or depots where we can find a steady flow of food for our people.  It goes fast when you have so many to feed!  We are working with a Captain of the 82nd Airborne and getting into places we never thought we could get into… Pray we have a steady flow of free fuel too. 


We have teams now on the ground to search through damaged hospitals and try to find surgical equipment so we can set up operating rooms.  You never know what we will be doing next, huh?


The Huey helicopter is now on the ground.  That will be a tremendous help delivering supplies throughout the island.  What a great bunch of people God is sending our way!


How grateful we are that we have city water still coming into our property!  With all the cooking, bathing, washing clothes and equipment, we are so blessed!  Many have no water.  This is essential to all we are doing and God has once again provided!


Money continues to come in.  It is being spent nearly as fast as it comes just to keep going.  Our support base is growing daily.


Tonight our Administrator arrived.  This will take a lot of pressure off of Terry.  These special people who can handle stress well and organize various areas of operations are invaluable right now.  More will arrive next week.  Medical teams continue to come.  Fifteen more arrived tonight.  They got stopped up at the Embassy, but are now safely in Carrefour.


Continue to pray for us that we would have wisdom, strength and the ability to focus where we need to focus.  We will have church in the morning and our people are looking forward to that!  We pray that you will have a wonderful Sunday.  Please share a good testimony of what God is doing in the midst of what the world calls a disaster!  With Him, any ‘disaster’ can be turned into a tremendous outpouring of Himself.  We are doing all we can to meet physical needs right now, but our greatest joy is in delivering His Word to Haiti and watching an entire nation turn to Him!  That’s why we are here.  


We are working on our website this weekend and should have a new front page the first of the week where you can follow what God is doing. www.lightministriesinc.org.  If I don’t respond to emails, I will when all is up and running again.  Continue to email me.  I have been so encouraged!




January 22, 2010 Haiti

Update January 22, 2010


Just a quick note to let you know what happened today:


We got 300 gallons of diesel fuel from the U.S. Military base FREE!  It gets better all the time!  With the running around with our vans and trucks, it goes fast and then we are using the generator almost non-stop.


Ten doctors came today on the bus, 7 more from Singapore.  Three stayed from the previous medical team; 7 went back home.  What a blessing these teams are.  It’s not easy to organize all the different aspects of getting a country and its people back on their feet!  Everyone is so tired.  There are still 2-3 aftershocks each day and it is so painful to see how worn out the people have become.  Pray for peaceful sleep.


Pop Singer, Sun, from Singapore (now living in Los Angeles), a beautiful Christian woman who has 5 Platinum albums, arrived yesterday and spent the night at our house.  This morning she and Terry did an interview for Radio Caribe.  She told the people that she wanted to do all she could for Haiti and was working with Pastor Terry Nelson and Church of Light in Carrefour.  It was a great interview.  She left later today.  God is bringing such wonderful people our way!  The world is coming to our aid!


Tonight was our regular Friday night prayer meeting.  The people took authority over fear.  Terry told them that this is the time to pass the test in perseverance.  This is the time to examine their hearts and repent of anything that is standing in the way of God having full control of their lives.  He said that with every aftershock, each crack, he hears ‘Repent’.  Literally, everything that can be shaken is being shaken, not only in the natural, but also in the hearts of men.  Pride must go.  Fear must go.  Bitterness must go.  Everything that can be shaken will be shaken!


The walls around our property are cracking more.  We are ‘collecting’ teams of concrete workers to rebuild the entire perimeter walls.  Pray that these walls don’t topple.  Pray for the safety of those sleeping in the yard (now 65) and those sleeping inside (25).  Every bed, every floor, every vehicle and even the ground is full of bodies trying to sleep!


With so many people, we are cleaning floors, sinks and toilets all day long!  Our ladies are the best!  We have cooks working all day inside and out to feed those now ‘living’ here.  Then there is the laundry and the dishwashing!  It’s a huge undertaking, but the teamwork is unbelievable! 


The airport is still closed so people have to come from the Dominican Republic. Pray the airport opens soon.  This is another big expense of time and money.


Thanks for standing with us.  We NEED you at this hour.  I’m claiming Isaiah 41:10 many times throughout the day when I start to get overwhelmed.  Thanks for all your encouraging emails.  



January 21, 2010 Haiti

Update:  January 21, 2010

As promised, here are a few photos of Carrefour in the aftermath of the earthquake as well as the first clinic set up here.    Many of these Haitians were desperate to see a doctor long before this happened.  We have a physical therapist from our church giving massages for the many muscle pains.

This morning, we hooked up with Samaritan’s Purse, who will set up a Command Center in Gressier, between our two locations of Carrefour and Leogane.  We are blessed!  They are faithful to bring hope to those in need and have the ability to bring in supplies and equipment that we would otherwise not have.  We have a helicopter also from a mission in Switzerland that will land in Christianville, between the Samaritan’s Purse location and Leogane.  God has it all orchestrated!

Today, a group of Americans from St. Louis, MO drove all the way from St. Marc to visit the team and to encourage and pray for Terry.  He was so blessed that they did that!  We are so blessed to have help on the frontlines.  God is so good!

Today we found two trucks, badly needed to carry supplies from place to place:  a ¾ ton flatbed and a 4-door pickup – one gas, one diesel!  We are working on shipping them in the fastest way possible.  If you want to help pay for shipping, let Joe Warner know (407-353-7746).

We have the two 40×80 tents from Chicago on their way to Orlando to accompany the first team out of here on Monday…a Emergency Management team with 4-5 good strong men who can work!  They will erect the tents and fix what needs to be fixed.

People from our church are finding doctors and other medical teams looking for work, and bringing them to help.  Many large teams have arrived and because there is no plan in place, they are sitting, waiting to know where to go and wondering where are the patients.  It is so sad because everywhere you look there are people needing medical attention.   The first medical team left today, another arrives tomorrow.

We are so proud of our people.  They are really ‘pulling up’ to help the visitors as they arrive.  All the training we have done is really paying off as we see them at work!  We praise God for that!

Our sister church in Leogane has collapsed, the school for 2500, totally gone.  Pastor Milien’s  house is badly damaged.  He is working with a group from Canada, clearing the land.  There were more big aftershocks this morning in Leogane and felt at our house.  I don’t know when the earth is going to settle!  They just had another as I write!  It’s nerve-shattering and our people are weary.  PRAY!

Terry found a station with gas today and found such favor!  He requested that the owner give him fuel for the price it was before the earthquake.  He agreed and we filled the drums for about $5.00 USD/gallon!  Wow, that’s a great difference from $100.

I want to personally thank each of you for the way you are spreading our news.  It is overwhelming to us how many people care about Haiti and us!  Money is coming in from several countries!  Right now, it is being used primarily for food, fuel, medical equipment and supplies, vehicles and shipping.  Many of you are putting together pallets of medical supplies, food and clothing and many things we have not had time to think of yet.  We are SO gratefulWe know we could never repay you for your kindness, so we are asking God to! Along with the medical aid, we must begin to do something about housing.  The people are wandering around, not knowing where to go or what to do.  Where do you start?   It is so pathetic.

Continue to pray for us as we do our best to keep this operation going from both ends.  Pray for our people.  They can’t sleep.  There is much anxiety and pain.  This is a lot for them to go through when they already had so little.  One thing I know from being in Haiti nearly 28 years is this:  The Haitians are survivors! They will make it, but only with God’s help!

When we get established, we will begin to bring in work teams to do specific jobs.  Be patient!  We will move as fast as we can.  Right now, the country is in chaos.  The airport isn’t open yet.  Terry said we are the most organized operation going.  This is the first week and we plan to learn a lot and get better at everything as we have professional teams joining us.

Our people Stateside have been working hard on our website.  It is about to go up to bring you updates  www.lightministriesinc.org .

Thanks again for standing with us.  We couldn’t do it without you.


January 19, 2010 Haiti

Carrefour Haiti Earthquake M7.0
January 12, 2010 | USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

USGS reports that a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred in Haiti at about 4:53 PM local time. It occurred at a depth of only 10 kilometers, resulting in very strong shaking. Their estimated intensity was up to IX as shown in the map below. The cities of Carrefour, Port-au-Prince and Delmas all have significant populations and are in areas where estimated intensities were VIII and IX.

The USGS comparative: “Overall, the population in this region resides in structures that are vulnerable to earthquake shaking, though some resistant structures exist. On June 24, 1984 (UTC), a magnitude 6.7 earthquake 329 km East of this one struck the Dominican Republic, with estimated population exposures of 320,000 at intensity VII and 2,964,000 at intensity VI, resulting in an estimated 5 fatalities. Recent earthquakes in this area have caused landslides that may have contributed to losses.”

January 19, 2010 Haiti


Terry and the medical team slept inside the house last night!  There have been no more tremors since they arrived.


Today they were all so grateful for electricity, internet hookup (when it works), showers, a place to lay their heads and fresh homemade bread!  Now they can function.  They weren’t expecting any of it. Our house has now become a hotel and the church a clinic! We are just so grateful that our buildings are not only standing, but functioning.  The engineering team arrived also and will study the buildings more carefully at daybreak.


We had armed police guarding our church at Light Auditorium, the makeshift clinic today.  Thousands of people hung around outside the building waiting to see a doctor.  The people are really in a lot of pain and need someone to care.  The medical team discovered about 90% of the patients needed surgical procedures (stitches, etc) so, of over 100 patients, 85 needed surgery.  Needless to say, the team was ready for a good night’s sleep and a plan for tomorrow.  Several doctors and nurses are sitting idle in tents waiting for patients and no one is coming to them, so we emailed them directions to Light Auditorium.  Hopefully, tomorrow our team will have reinforcement.  The plan now is to keep the medical teams coming.


Terry went to the airport today to pick up the engineers.  He found his way to where the UN supply unit is. (They have not been seen distributing anything).  He asked for assistance in getting medical supplies because our supply was dwindling fast.  The first woman was very rude and said he would have to apply first and email the form back to her.  He went back to the car, had the doctor who was with him fill out the form and walked back in.  The first woman had taken a break, so he walked right in to where they were sorting medical supplies and told him that no one had yet come to Carrefour and we had people everywhere who needed medical attention.  We were nearly out of supplies.  By the time he left, the van was filled with $150,000 worth of supplies free of charge!!!  God is good!  You know Terry; he finds favor everywhere he goes!


Stories continue to come in about how God miraculously rescued them.  I must share this one.  Do you remember I shared the testimony of Rodolpho, the young computer man who worked at the UN office.  Only he and one other woman survived and the remaining 100 people died when the building collapsed (See update Jan. 15).  Now, read what happened to his wife, Sherly.  She was in class on the top floor of her school.  She was sitting in the back row when the teacher called her to the chalkboard.  As she got up to walk to the front of the room, the back wall fell off.  In a moment, GOD TOOK SHERLY OUT AND SHE FOUND HERSELF STANDING IN THE SCHOOLYARD as the school collapsed. Sherly is fine.  I talked with her on the phone today.  She is one of our Worship leaders and all she can do is praise God!


We are putting together Emergency Management teams of our own since no one has been in our area.  One young man in the States serving in this capacity for his company, requested permission to take some time off from his job to help.  He was given time off, with pay, to come to Haiti to serve Light Ministries!   We are forming a team, initially 4-5 men to assist him and to set up two tents that were given to us in Chicago, now on their way to us!


Offers of all kinds continue to come in:  building, medical, contractors, planes, helicopters, pilots, cooks… There will be many more work teams to follow when there is a way to get there.  We are so blessed to have Pastor Joe Warner from Orlando coordinating all of these things.  If you have supplies or are equipped to help us, please call Joe at 407-353-7746.  Just be patient about going… We want to be sure things are done decently and in order.  The airport is still closed in Port-au-Prince.


If you are interested in sending a donation, using your credit card, Judy is in the office to take that information over the phone 407-876-5431.

Or make a donation online.  


We don’t even know how to say ‘Thank You’ for standing with us.  You truly are a blessing!  As requested, we are attaching a photo of us, December 2009.  It’s a reminder to pray!





January 18, 2010 Haiti


Terry left Santo Domingo this morning with the team and crossed the border into Haiti without any problem.  Those big angels were there, checked the paperwork and waved them through without checking anything!  Thank you for praying.  They rented a 21-passenger bus and driver because the plane was going to cost them $500-1500 per person.  How terrible!  There was no aisle when they finished packing the supplies.  They were loaded!


As they drove, the countryside was beautiful, showing little damage.  Then they came near Port-au-Prince and the scenery changed.  They stopped at the airport where they met Olrich with our van ready to load medical supplies that had been flown in on Friday.  They were now on the way to Carrefour, where they saw many dead bodies along the road.


When the bus arrived in Carrefour, hundreds were following.  In minutes, it grew to thousands when they realized medical help was there.  What chaos!  There is not one street where someone doesn’t need help.  Everyone is begging!


The team immediately began to make plans where to set up a clinic.  Because they arrived late (due to the delay in New York) they now have only two days to treat people.  The church (an old theater) seems to be strong enough to set up a clinic. The people can wait downstairs in the entrance, then come up one set of stairs, be checked by a doctor, and return down the other set of stairs, hopefully keeping order.  When this team leaves, another one with 15 doctors and nurses will come.


The smell of death is everywhere.  People are walking around with rags on their noses or tea leaves in their nostrils because the stench is so bad.  Dead bodies are being picked up fast now because of impending disease.  Depression and despair cover those still living.


Last night we had 57 people in our yard:  neighbors and church members.  Many more were turned away because we simply don’t have room, along with the vehicles. Our ladies are busy cooking and serving them one meal of rice and beans a day.  The people are so grateful for that!


When the people saw Pastor Terry, they were amazed and hung onto him. They didn’t think he would come back so soon!   Everyone wants his time!  They have been having wonderful times of prayer together, but tonight Terry will be there to preach and encourage them in God’s Word.  It is so essential to build them up.  It’s not easy going through what they have just experienced and to face the fact that they have nothing to go back to.  It’s really beautiful to see how well they are getting along… a big family living under an open heaven!  When this ordeal is over, we will have a church where the people really KNOW each other!


On Wednesday, an engineer is coming to our house and church to determine how structurally sound they are.  Terry feels they are both safe, but we want to be sure.  Today, you prayed that Terry would have a place to lay his head tonight to sleep.  He told me that he is going to sleep in his own bed in our house tonight.  He tried to convince JP that it is safe, but JP is not so sure he is ready for that!  He called me and said, ‘Mom, can you please talk to Dad.  He thinks I can just go back in that place and SLEEP.  I’m not ready for that!  I guess it’s one more night outside for JP!  Pray for him.  I’m sure when this settles, he will need rest.  Everyone is so weary.


Terry and the team are exhausted, to say the least.  PRAY for them.  The next days are so crucial.  They need supernatural health, strength, wisdom and life for what they will face.


Thanks for your prayers and for the financial support that is coming in.  It’s beautiful to see how big of a family we really have!  We are so blessed to know you are there.



January 17, 2010 Haiti


Terry flew to the Dominican Republic yesterday, along with our son, Aaron.  There they were to hook up with the medical team:  2 Doctors from Singapore and 3 nurses and their Coordinator.  The team was delayed in New York airport and missed their flight to Santo Domingo.  This gave Terry extra time to shop for our ever-growing list of supplies and food.  The team arrived today and they are still shopping.  Someone directed them to a good Pharmacy so the doctors can go and find what they will need.  We bought 2 inverters to run the medical equipment for the team.


It stinks so bad that we need access to hospital supplies.  Surgical-quality masks are essential.  Normal dust masks are not enough.


Gas in Haiti is now $100 USD per gallon, so they will try to get some cans of gas also.  They are piled high in their vehicle.  They have police protectors (scouts) going with them everywhere and will have UN escorts, waiting for them at the border tomorrow when they arrive at sun-up, who will escort them to Carrefour.  Terry just called as I’m writing and said he talked with someone at the hotel this morning, gave him his card, and he called now to say they want to help but had found no one to work with.    They may have a plane, supplies, whatever…  He will meet with him later today.  Watch for an update!


As for our people in Carrefour:  No help has arrived yet.  Remember, this was the epicenter!  No help has arrived yet!  There is such ruin.


Thanks for praying…City water is now coming into our property and it is clean!  We ozonate it before giving it to the people.  We believe more ozonating machines are on their way.


We will try to fix our Jeep that was damaged so we have another vehicle available.


A school near the gas station where we buy our gas collapsed.  A man opened a hole to free someone and saw a huge pile of bodies and died of a heart attack himself!


People have been thanking God that they are alive, but now reality is hitting them and they are dealing with the fact that they have no place to go, to eat, no place to sleep.  People are sitting outside their demolished houses, crying out in distress and pure exhaustion.


The streets of Port-au-Prince are becoming empty.  The only people on the ground seem to be gangs, thieves with knives, robbing the people, raping the women.  They are stopping cars, robbing them.  Continue to pray for safety, wisdom, and peace among the chaos. I’m so glad there are angels on assignment!  They are busy with Light Ministries!


Thanks for standing with us.



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