April 22, 2010 Haiti

Update April 22, 2010

I forgot to tell you, we closed on the first parcel of mountain land yesterday!  We now have the receipt in hand and the land will be surveyed and put in our name.  Then we will have full possession.  That can take one week to one month!

While I was out ministering today, Carl finished the new food depot.  It looks like a MiniMart!  Beautiful!  It’s so great to get organized again.

Over 80 people were treated at the clinic today.  While the medical team was busy there, Terry, Cinera, Gary and I went to visit the old man who got saved yesterday who wanted us to come and destroy all his voodoo stuff. 

What a trip that was!  We have no idea how he made it to the clinic in his condition… It was a LONG distance.  We drove up the mountain, down the mountain, parked the car in a dry river bed and proceeded to walk over a mile straight up three tiers of mountains with dirt and rock steps sculptured all the way up!   At every level, I asked the young man accompanying me, ‘Are we there yet?’ and his answer was ‘No!’ and up we went!  This went on for about 30 minutes.  

We finally reached the summit, where we found the old man, lying on a sheet on the ground outside his house. He had been tormented last night. We asked him where his voodoo stuff was.  His family brought us to a room that was set aside just for his artifacts.  There were potions, voodoo dolls, books of demonic chants and pictures, vases, flowers, blankets, tablecloths and many other gifts to the devilWe removed them and lit a fire

We returned to the yard and prayed over the house, the family and this former voodoo priest.   As we lay our hands on him, demons began to scream and complain about having to leave their house!  We told the devil to be silent and come out; the power of God came and swept his house clean!  He sat up, a FREE man with a smile on his face, knowing tonight he would no longer be tormented, but could sleep with the peace of God.

Just another day in Haiti…


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