April 21, 2010 Haiti

Update April 21, 2010

This was another exciting day at Light Ministries

At lunchtime, we were joined by three wonderful American guys  who had been helping at the clinic.  They were excited about what God did this morning.  Gary was also there and said this about the same situation: 

This morning when I arrived at the clinic, things were in full swing.  Some Fire Fighters for Christ have been helping us with the clinic and a few minutes before I arrived, they had led a feeble old man to the Savior. He had come for medical treatment and had found rest for his soul!  They introduced me to him and said he wanted someone to come to his home and burn all his voodoo trinkets.  I said I would try to make in the next couple of days.  As soon as I heard “voodoo”, however, I knew there was other work to do also.  I placed my hand on his stomach and started praying for him.  Immediately, he started to manifest a demon.  The little frail guy was shaking so hard, I thought he would explode.  I immediately started to cast out the demon and he started screaming something that, of course, I didn’t understand.  One of the Haitians said it was the demon screaming.  So I moved over and they helped until the man would say “Jesus is Lord”.  The Fire Fighters immediately went into the church auditorium.  I followed them and when I approached, they had strange looks on their faces and were asking each other “What just happened?” That guys, was the Power and Glory of our God!!

These guys told me that this was the first time they had ever seen a demon manifest like they had just seen!  They were excited, though, that the man got free and was praising Jesus!  For me, it was great to share with them that Jesus experienced these things as He walked the earth and we would too, but He gave us authority over all demons so, in His Name, we could cast them out!  Today, they saw that demonstrated!  Oh, the things God shares with Americans who come to this land to help the Haitians!

We had a great mid-week service.  Terry taught on the nine gifts of the Spirit.  Tonight, they really understood what the Bible teaches.  When he finished teaching, the Holy Spirit demonstrated what he had just taught, and people got free!  Then, six more children got saved and 51 people, including a lot more children, received the baptism with the Holy Spirit.  God is increasing His Church and preparing them for ministry in these last days.  What a time to be alive!

Thanks for your prayers, your gifts and your encouragement.  We are walking in wisdom, strength, health and life because of you and see fruit everywhere we go!


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