February 19, 2010 Haiti

Update February 19, 2010

Five Hundred people came and ten more got saved at prayer meeting tonight!  What an awesome time, praying with our people and watching their faith rise to new levels.  They are beginning to see clearly that God has a plan for them in all of this! 

The clinics continue daily.  Today, 13 more medical people arrived from three countries!  Three returned again from CityCare in Singapore.  They said they couldn’t get Haiti out of their hearts!  What a blessing!  Perhaps some of these first-responders will one day return permanently to Haiti and help establish more clinics.  Pray! 

Food is still being distributed, although some days, it is minimal.  Daily, we must look for water and food enough to feed all our hungry people.  We don’t realize in our own cultures how blessed we are with daily food and water!  Pray for a thankful heart!  These people are grateful with every bite they eat.  Many, before this catastrophe, rarely had enough to feed their families.

The airport opened today!  It took hours to get there.  There was such congestion all the way there, and at the airport too!  We pray we can continue to function.  This dumps hundreds, maybe thousands, more into the traffic each day!

Cinera reports that the trucks are still on the boat, not even in port.  He projects it will take all next week to be able to clear them.  The hassle of getting anything shipped in is so discouraging.  Everything coming in to help the country now should be duty-free, but many think this is the time to make money from the situation; it seems, there is no one to stop them!  Corruption on every level of government and business is what we have fought all these years; it looks like things have not changed!  We must find favor… Pray!   

In downtown Port-au-Prince, they are clearing buildings.  They have now hired 66,000 Haitians to sweep the streets and clear drainage ditches, including in our area.  These people are paid 40 Haitian dollars per day (about $5 USD).  It’s a means of getting the work done, at the same time helping people overcome the trauma they have endured!  It also gives them a sense of accomplishment.  It’s not a lot of money, but more than many made before the earthquake!  

The property next to the church is cleaned and leveled and the foundation is dug.  Blocks are being laid for the walls around the perimeter. We haven’t heard back from the Marines about helping us…  Pray!

We need wisdom, strength, health and life as we take on new responsibilities every day.  The Bible says, ‘unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain.’  We want to know His plan and His direction as we, together, build this City! 



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