February 5, 2010 Haiti

Update February 5, 2010

It’s Friday again! For me, it seems like ONE continuous day since the January 12 earthquake struck our little island of Haiti. Terry says it seems like months but, with all the activity swirling around our Command Post, things are coming into shape. Every day, there are new challenges. I’m grateful my husband knows the Haitian people and can deal with them like no visitor can!

The generator got loaded on the boat today! It is not clear now when the trucks will leave, but we know soon we can function again! We are so grateful for Pastor Joe Warner who, not only coordinated this huge effort, but also drove one of the trucks to Miami!

I can hardly believe that, overnight, the whole world came together to get this job done! Money came from Austria, from Switzerland, from the States and the challenge was met…in one night! What a team we are!

Today, we received two hours of city power, something we rarely had before this disaster! We are always so grateful for every minute we can get. In most of the world, we don’t appreciate the fact that we actually have electricity all day every day!

We found more MREs today. Our guys loaded a truck and called for another! We sent it, but by the time it arrived, the food was gone. Instead, we found a truckload of medicine! It is a game to find supplies each day and to be there when they are available! Everything goes so fast! Those who control the bags of rice in Port-au-Prince have allotted 1,700 bags per day to Carrefour. We need 20,000!

Terry was invited to the Carrefour Stadium this afternoon to take part in an Inauguration led by the Red Cross for a group of world leaders. This was designed to transfer the local soccer stadium to the Red Cross to set up a field hospital. Pastor Terry was asked to lead them in prayer and to give the Benediction. He prayed for knowledge and wisdom and unity and integrity in the government that would be an example to the people so that a new Haiti could rise up from the rubble! Many people came to him when the program was finished and said that what he prayed really touched them!

This field hospital is already open. We can take many of the severely dehydrated babies there so they can have I.V. treatments! Those extremely sick and injured can receive care because they have the equipment we don’t have. After the program, Terry met the Haitian Secretary of State, several Haitian leaders and leaders from Finland and Germany.

Tonight, the Marine base called and said, ‘We have something for you; bring Pastor Terry’. He got there and the base had received a vanload of baby food for us, a true blessing for our little ones. Whenever they receive food now, the Base calls us first! After loading the van, there was an NBC Affiliate from Savannah, GA who interviewed him about the food distribution and our plan to get the people back on their feet. Tomorrow, the General is coming to meet Pastor Terry.

Proverbs 12:2 says ‘A good man obtains favor from the Lord…’ We have found favor!


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