February 6, 2010 Haiti

Update February 6, 2010

The U.S. Marines came with over 10,000 jars of baby food! Whatever we receive, we immediately distribute. To watch how God provides for our people every day is exciting!

The Red Cross came to the clinic, with Terry’s calling card in hand! They wanted to see if we were doing what he told them. They received an excellent report about what Light Ministries is doing for the people of Carrefour! They asked if we could work together with them at their hospital. Before this, we never saw them! We are happy to work with them, because they have the supplies!

We delivered a very dehydrated baby to the field hospital and while there, found a pregnant woman from our church lying on a bed. Terry prayed for her and she was encouraged. It’s wonderful that, in the middle of all this activity, we are able to minister to the needs of our people!

God has given us favor with our military! We are back with the Marines tonight to get the MRE delivery. Every week or two, the base changes soldiers. Today, seven soldiers and their Chaplain walked to our house, visited with us and saw what we are doing. Terry took them on a tour; they saw the neighborhood, the clinic and church. They asked what they could do to help. We told them we must build a privacy wall around the church land before the large tent arrives. They assured us they would put in a request for doing the labor! What a joy it would be to see our Marines constructing the wall around our property! We provide supplies and they supply the labor… That sounds good!  Pray!

They also asked JP’s dance troupe, Invasion, to perform at the base. What a great opportunity for these seven young men and women! Invasion is a Christian hip-hop group. Dressed in military uniform, their purpose is to destroy the works of the devil through praise, worship and warfare. They are very effective!

What a team we have coordinating every day activities! It is getting easier, but even our teams are so temporary.  When they leave, we must re-train the next. God has blessed us with good doctors, medical assistants, media production people, construction crews and organizers. We could never do a fraction of this alone!

Thank YOU for being on our team! Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving so we can get the job done. Thank you for encouraging others to continue to send their support. Together, we are building a city!!! As we work hand-in-hand with the Spirit of God, we know HE is glorified!!! People’s lives are being changed daily – spirit, soul and body – because of YOU!

Terry and I hardly know what to say. ‘Thank You’ seems so inadequate. We know we could never repay you for your kindness…so we are asking God to!



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