March 19, 2010 Haiti

Update March 19, 2010

We are really enjoying our work teams!  We have great times around meals, and it doesn’t take long to get acquainted with each other.  Our people are getting used to having visitors here and really flow well with them.  We laugh a lot together! 

Not only can they do construction, but they enter into worship and preaching as well!  Tonight, two from the current team led the service: Chad, the music and Steve preached the Word.   Five more were saved and 36 received the baptism with the Holy Spirit!  Then the music started again and, did we ever have a time of freedom in the Spirit!  We sang and danced together!  I know they could have continued on into the early morning hours.  We dismissed them and opened the gate, but no one wanted to leave!

To see so many people at the church in our yard makes me weep… We could have lost all of them!  God spared them to be a blessing in these days.  We know this is a remnant that will show forth the light of God to this city, this nation and the world!  The other thing that really thrills me each day is to see the healthy bodies; those who were so skinny before now cause me to take a second look!  There is security here!  They have a ‘family’, they eat every day and they sleep behind a closed gate!  These are some very basic things several never experienced before the earthquake!

The people are shaking off the discouragement of early days and beginning to recognize how God has blessed them during this time.  They are practicing what He has taught them in the past and they are truly growing in their spiritual walk with God.  I wish you could all visit us to see the freedom in this place.  The world only sees devastation; we see opportunity!

Everywhere we go, we find favor!  God is blessing us with connections most people work their lifetime to make!  We just step in line with the Spirit of God, and He opens doors and brings those our way to help rebuild!

God is so good!  Today, Olrich picked up 50 more tents!  Our ‘Tent City’ is getting larger and we haven’t even secured the land yet!  I am wondering how big it will be… All I know is, God sees the whole picture and we will abide by His plan!  With the rainy season upon us, we can’t wait to set up some shelter.  There are still so many people without housing.

Our greatest cause for rejoicing comes from you!  Without you, we couldn’t even be here on the frontlines, seeing the hand of God move upon this nation!  We need your continued prayers for rest and strength.   We need your continued giving so we can continue to rebuild. 

Light Auditorium is really coming along well.  This team is working to repair the pillars; they   will be really strong when we are done!  We have a Haitian crew inside repairing cracks and smoothing the walls, getting them ready to paint.  We plan to be back in the building for church on April 4.  We honestly can’t wait!  Our yard is too small for all the people!   Pray for the first Sunday back in the church!  We know it will be awesome!


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