May 5, 2010 Haiti

Update May 5, 2010

The City on a Hill land balance owing  is now $49,649.00.  On Friday, we will pay the required $1,100.00 for the land survey and begin to prepare the land, leveling, drilling a well, putting in toilets and showers, food prep area and a security fence.   From there,  we will need security people.   Then comes the task of determining who will occupy the remaining tents!  Many have been given to members sleeping on the street. 

Please continue to give what you can so we can secure the next 6.38 acres!  Hopefully, the price of the remaining two carreau won’t go up in the meantime. There is no paperwork without money upfront!  In time, we will need more, but this is ample now to move our people to higher ground!  

Business men are coming to Carrefour to help us rebuild.  Many are curious to hear Pastor Terry preach and are scheduling their visits so they can attend Church of Light Sunday service!  Pray that God touches their hearts and they will see their need for Him! 

Remember, the first responders after the earthquake were from CityCare in Singapore.  What wonderful medical teams they sent!  Because of our connection with them, we have been invited to attend the Asia Conference and Church Growth International 2010 in Singapore May 26-30.  Today, we received an invitation to join a Welcome Dinner  with Dr. Cho on Tuesday night, May 25.  We will leave Orlando May 23.  It is a grueling 24-hour Orlando/Dallas/Toyko/Singapore flight, plus layover in Tokyo.  Please pray for us to remain refreshed after such a trip, so we can represent Haiti well at this conference!

Every day is a challenge, at both ends!  Thank you for praying for continued wisdom, strength, health and life!  We are thrilled to have you on our team!



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