May 6, 2010 Haiti

Update May 6, 2010

As a result of much research over many years, we now have technology at our fingertips for well-drilling into the mountains, filtering standing water and building water towers. Ocean water can be purified for drinking water.  Hurricane and earthquake-safe houses can be put up in days.  Solar and wind power can generate electricity.  A cost-effective enzyme is ready for road construction, an effective treatment for HIV is ready and we can produce our own food quickly! 

Some of these technologies are in late stages of development and will arrive in Haiti as a prototype for the world!  Haiti first, then the rest of the world… Extreme reversal! 

As we connect with the proper people and apply these technologies, we will see the nation of Haiti begin to prosper, one community at a time!

We definitely need your prayers for Godly wisdom, protection and favor to accomplish the great task of rebuilding a nation, something we’ve never done before!

Thanks for your continued prayer and financial support. Due to corruption, nothing is easy; prices are rising daily and the cost to ship in necessary items is crazyWe really need to know you are there

Our first and foremost commitment is to the people of Haiti and their growing relationship with God.  This must always be our priorityPray that we never get so busy that we lose sight of why we are here!



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