October 21, 2010 Austria/Haiti

Update October 21, 2010

We’re back in the States and packing to return to Haiti this weekend! Thank you so much for praying for us. We had a tremendous time in the churches we visited in Austria. God really moved and we found favor and were treated royally everywhere we went. They have asked us to return again in May 2011.

We flew from Orlando to Dallas, then on to Frankfurt, Germany and took a six-hour train ride to Salzburg, Austria. We got some hours of sleep in Salzburg (although not enough!) and our host picked us up and got us settled in Lienz.

We had planned to share in Lienz at the benefit concert for Haiti and then preach in a church on Sunday morning. One church service was extended to five services! It was the first time this church of approximately 40 people had done a concert like this and they raised $5,500 for Haiti. We were blessed as we took part in the concert at the local Catholic Church, with a born-again priest opening his doors to us.

While in Lienz, where we stayed, we had time during the day to climb the beautiful mountains with Pastor Peter and Alex! Never before have we breathed such pure air! Alex, a film producer, made a movie of our time there! It was great fun, getting to know each other!

On Wednesday night, we preached with Pastor Gottfried in Klagenfurt, where we met people who had seen us 17 years ago! It was great meeting old and new friends! On Saturday night, we met with Pastor Gottfried in Gmunden and enjoyed a pre-service time with his leaders.  It was such a rich time of sharing and encouragement!  It was almost as if we should have laid hands on them and prayed and said ‘Good Night!’ when we got done!  We then had a service with them and connected with more old friends!  Everywhere we went, we found people so hungry for more of God and we were honored to bring His fire to the churches. We haven’t had teams from Europe for many years and will welcome those already talking about coming for a visit to see God at work in our country!

On Sunday morning, we were with a body of believers in Salzburg with Austrians and Africans! Pastor Patrick is from Uganda and has a powerful testimony of how God delivered him from voodoo. When the music began, these Africans sang and danced to the front of the church and we were immediately at home!!! What a beautiful international congregation, worshipping together! Pastor Patrick, too, is talking about visiting us.   Oh, how the Haitians love it when Africans come to Haiti…

We were so blessed everywhere we went! We know God sent us back to Austria, after nearly 13 years, and believe that Austria is a ‘key’ to all of Europe experiencing the fire of God like never in its history! In each location, we found the same thing…hunger for more of God’s presence! What a joy to bring refreshing to the Austrians and to be refreshed ourselves! God answered our prayers.

While were gone, Church of Light also moved forward. We are so proud of our people! I know it brings great joy to the Haitians to realize that when the leaders are in unity, they can accomplish much, and God proved it to them the very first service when six people were born again! They also held us up in prayer like we have never experienced before!

We now have the container out of customs and the builder will be coming in a few weeks to put up the houses, but wants to make them better, so is shipping more materials to do so! He has in mind to build not only houses, but clinics and schools. God is up to something and will see that we have the proper people to work with us in rebuilding our city! We will also have a large building team on the ground at the same time, so it will be great to see quick progress!

Continue to pray for us as we get back on our feet and return to
Haiti. It seems easier to adjust back to our regular time schedule although, tonight we are feeling the effects of travel… Also, pray for protection from the upcoming hurricanes heading our way and the ongoing street demonstrations leading up to elections. They can both be dangerous!

HE is our strength and our shield!


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