Our Job


LIGHT MINISTRIES, INC. has been called to help change the atmosphere of this country where many today are without home, food, education and employment.

We believe we are a vital part of rebuilding the nation of Haiti, so it can meet the everyday needs of its own people.

For generations, the Haitian people have lacked only opportunity to succeed.

LIGHT MINISTRIES, INC. believes this will change. Through our “Adopt a City” program, we can affect the entire nation, one city at a time.

We have covered the map of Haiti with 16 circles, each representing a 40-mile radius. Within each circle, we will build, staff and execute a program to see the needs of the people met.

Development in each of the 16 cities will include:


Because only 15% of the people are now being schooled, and 75% of the work force is unemployed, education must take center stage.


With the intense pressure of poverty and sickness, people must have a place to meet God. A local church gives strength and hope to the community.

CLINICS (Medical, Eye and Dental):

Fever, diarrhea, heart and lung problems, headaches, nausea and frequent traffic accidents necessitate a community clinic to tend to the people’s needs quickly. Many die unnecessarily because they cannot reach a distant clinic in time.


Haiti’s medical needs are monumental. Most patients, except for maternity, have severe diseases or accidents from fires, motor vehicles or political violence. Statistics released by the UN (7/97) say there are 9000 patients per nurse, 17,000 patients per doctor, 1000 patients per hospital bed.


Countless people in each community have only one set of clothing, a pair of ill-fitting shoes, and often go to bed hungry. With no job, no money and no energy, they cannot find food for themselves and their families. We must reach out to these desperate people with the bare essentials: a good diet, clothing and personal hygiene.


Disaster often hits a family through sickness, death or violent storms; suddenly they become homeless. Through family housing units within the community, families regain security.


There is a great need for good vocational training. Each class produces graduates who are able to support themselves with skills necessary to Haiti’s development.


There is a great demand for Bible training to meet the spiritual needs of the Haitians and the world.


An indoor activity center with basketball, volleyball and weight-lifting equipment will help to keep youth off the streets. Healthy competition builds good character.

An outdoor stadium will allow soccer and tennis competition.


The use of local radio and television stations will greatly enhance public education.


Investing in the future of Haiti through agriculture as well as cattle and poultry farms is vital for daily sustenance.


Much sickness and death will be eliminated by providing access to safe drinking water.


Haitians must be able to transport goods and services as well as to regenerate their natural resources.


Businesses of all magnitudes must be established to keep a community self-supporting.

When one business is established, it will then aid in establishing another.


Transportation and work vehicles must be supplied to aid in carrying out business in a developing city.

Adopt a City – a whole nation, one city at a time!